About Us


Operating on 3rd party sites under the username “herediasj_yadi” since 2014, the name UnDigable Digs was born in 2018, and became an LLC in 2021. UnDigable Digs LLC was founded in Chicago, Illinois by a hardcore collector of Chicago Hip-Hop Rap. Since 2014 we have become a staple in the ecommerce marketplace regarding the sale of rare, obscure, and hard-to-find music.   

Why the name UnDigable Digs? Well, the answer is simple: in the music community it is common to hear of enthusiasts who “dig” for music; often, digging in old lockers, basements, crates, and any other crevice to uncover hidden gems. After years of digging and scoring record-breaking finds, it seemed appropriate to throne the company as “UnDigable” since much of our inventory is super hard-to-find. Digs can be described as items you've recently discovered, and in other cases Digs is used when describing ones living quarters; combined, you have UnDigable Digs, your online home for buying hard to find music. 

Who We Are

UnDigable Digs is your go-to online music store for all your music needs. We primarily sell physical media in Compact Disc (CD), Cassette Tape, and Vinyl Record format. UnDigable Digs specializes in New Old Stock (NOS) inventory and we take pride in selling vintage collectible items in pristine condition. We have music in all genres, with a strong emphasis on Hip-Hop & Rap, Soul, Funk, R&B, and Gospel music. We actively dig for music daily, still, and add new inventory to our website weekly. 

Long gone are the days of visiting music stores and digging through racks of music. Many of the remaining brick & mortar stores have selections that have been heavily picked through and sorted, and it’s almost impossible to find those rare hidden gems. 

Here at UnDigable Digs, we want to give purists, enthusiasts, newbies, and everyone in-between that feeling of nostalgia. We encourage you to “dig” through our site for your favorite items and/or explore the site for something new. 

Physical media still lives! Let’s do our part to keep the culture alive & well! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to get music in the hands of the people; music is meant to be played, so play it!